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  4.IP Infusion to Showcase Multi-vendor  Peering, DCSG and OOPT at Industry Occasions

  NANOG 75 ?¡ìC (Feb 18-20, Bay Area): IP Infusion will choose component in a multi-vendors illustration showing BGP peering around the Dell EMC Z9100 platform. The demonstration includes typical knowledge center Spine/leaf architecture showcasing the benefit of disaggregated community and interoperability of numerous network operating-system (NOS) platform on Dell EMC hardware.

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  Mobile Environment Congress ?¡ìC (Feb 25-28), Barcelona): In the Vodafone booth IP Infusion will have fun playing the multi-vendor demonstrations of DCSG (Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway). Cassini ?¡ìC a packet optical transponder system - is going to generally be integrated inside of an finish-to-finish, multi-vendor demonstration inside the Telecom Infra Project??£¤s demonstration area. The finish-to-finish demonstration includes aspect from multiple TIP project groups: OOPT (Open Optical Packet Transport) such as the beforementioned DCSG and Cassini, OpenRAN, vRAN fronthaul, and Edge Computing. Cassini is definitely an initiative produced by the OOPT Project Number of TIP to show disaggregated community for lengthy distance optical transportation that gives interconnectivity solutions for DCI (Info center Interconnect) and Metro Methods.

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  The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC) -- (March 5-7, North Park): At OFC, IP Infusion will play from the demonstrations of OOPT (Open Optical Packet Transponder), an initiative of TIP (telecom infrastructure), to showcase a multi-vendor disaggregated optical transportation community. The demonstration will occur in the TIP and NTT booths.

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  OCP Summit -- (March 14-15, San Jose): IP Infusion will play inside the demonstrations of the OOPT (Open Optical Packet Transponder) initiative of TIP to showcase multivendor disaggregated optical transportation network. The demonstration will occur while in the Facebook booth.

  OcNOS may be the industry??£¤s to start with full-featured network OS for White-colored Box featuring include state-of-the-art capabilities, for example extensive switching and routing protocol support, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), and SDN (program defined networking). OcNOS features hybrid, centralized or distribute it support scalable, modular high-performance community in conjunction with a robust knowledge plane built on merchant plastic.

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